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    put a video here of me telling what my services are about.instead of a bunch of words.make it short but then possibly put wording here also, and provide links to the different things i do to tell about each. and to 20to8 as these have the actual descriptions and privcing etc.

 Whether In-person, online, or by phone, I am available to help you to improve health Integratively, wholistically and naturally. My services provide lasting health solutions that dissolve not only symptoms but the condition itself in many cases which in turn mean not only better health but
better quality and enjoyment in life! 

Because I have a medical background in science classes and both bachelor's and master's degrees in medical and health sciences coursework, I work integratively with your Doctor's and Therapists as well as independently to  more thorough care, and licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine.
I also have an extensive background in energy healing work as a master in Qi having graduated from working privately and individually with a shamanic, enlightened master teacher out of Hawaii. He was considered a Kahuna priest. It was him that at one point said that he had taught me all he knew after 5 years. We then maintained  . . This is similar to a medical psychic or intuitive psychic except I also treat the physical with Acupuncture effecting the physical body, your emotional and mental wellbeing, by healing the energetic- lifeforce blueprint that is unique to each person. I am in no way psychic, but I am able to often see inside the body and work with any areas which is stagnant and not where it's suppose to be, and put it back where it's suppose to be. when this happen, health improves on most levels, and sometimes on the physical. With acupuncture, I am able to help it on the physical also. 
You can choose which treatment you prefer and if you want acupuncture, energy work, both, or an over the phone or online health session with me for learning how to improve your specific health condition. 
Take a look at my services and see which is right for you. 
if you have questions, reach out and I will be happy to answer. 


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