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Tui Na Services

Tui Na 

A Highly Skilled Asian Medical Massage-like technique

with Reflexology

1 , 1.5 or 2 HR Sessions


This session is flexible and can be geared toward a specific area that is in pain or sore, concentration on a specific area of the body, and refrain from other areas. You select and modify how you want it done.

For improving health issues, I recommend you get one of the initial evaluations with treatment first.

x – face, scalp, ears, neck and shoulders

x – all over (except private parts) with concentration on one or two areas you prefer

x – hands, feet, ears, neck and shoulders

x – back,neck, hips and shoulders, glutes

x – legs, feet, arms and hands

x – other combo

x- Pregnancy Tui Na (this includes gentle abdominal technique to ease baby and pelvic ligaments and hips, legs and feet, neck and shoulders, back while mom and baby lay on side.

x - Infertility Tui Na (this is a deep abdominal technique that addresses proper blood flow to the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus that helps to increase your fertility.

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