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Health Assessment, 

with 1 on 1 Phone Consultation 

and Treatment

What to expect;

you will get a thorough assessment of your present health condition/s using 8 principle TCM technique through evaluating your medical history and whole body health. 

We will go over ways to improve your health and what supplements and medicines you are taking so we can minimize if possible and provide prescriptions where necessary. 
This evauation will help us create a “map” of your present and past health challenges and provide you with a solid foundation and profound insights into your ideal physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellbeing.

You will recieve an oriental medicine diagnosis and defination of what applies directly to you. You will quickly notice that, with the reading of Oriental medicine tools, your symptoms fall into significant “clusters” that can be very empowering once we know how to read them.

You will leave with specific, practical protocols and recommendations as well as a better understanding of your “body map”.

Some of our tools will include:

Dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
External remedies, oils, compresses, colonics, enemas, 
yoga stretches and physical or structural exercises.
Recommended prescriptions for prevention, healing and seasonal maintenance of health,
Recommendation of specific acupressure points,Supplements, herbal formula prescriptions, self-massage techniques, and guided meditations.

These will be treatment practices to best support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey

This is a 60 minute consultation by phone. 

Once you fill out the Health Assessment Form and made your purchase, you can schedule your full hour with the Acupuncturist.

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Infertility Assessment, 

with 1 on 1 Phone Consultation 

and Treatment

Infertility has many causes. Whether known or unknown, Melanie treats the body wholistically to significantly increase your chances of conception. 

20yrs experience treating patients

Certifications in gynocology and infertility

She provides you with everything you can do at home without ever visiting in person


You get:

  •  thorough health assessment for fertility

  • Individualized Treatment Plan

  • 1 on 1 live Phone consultation with Acupuncturist Melanie Myers

  • TCM Diagnosis with explanation and findings

  • Learn more about what’s going on with your body and why you arent conceiving

  • Individualized prescriptions for;

  • Medicinal herbal formula/s, supplements, vitamins

  • exercises

  • a fertility guide with specific dietary choices that are practical and individualized according to your condition and whether you are vegan, raw, carnivore, keto etc.

  • and lifestyle changes, recommendations

  • Combination treatments of specific acupressure points you can use as self treatment for your specific health issues.

Note:Taking herbs can actually make your conceiving more difficult without proper diagnosis.

Herbal prescriptions/formulas are not a  ‘one fits all’ . This doesnt even work in the clothes indrustry and especially not where your health is concerned. Diagnosis and individualized treatment is vital for  success.

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Online Coaching

 These Live 1 to 2 hr Video Sessions are reserved as an extension of my e courses for the best understanding of how to apply these concepts into your own life, personalizing them for thorough integration of inspiring health processes.                                                                                                                                                         Choose how deep you want to dive into                    

  • The ancient oriental mysteries of health,

  • acupuncture/acupressure,

  • TCM Diagnosis,

  • The many body Meridians, including many secret ones that treat the emotions, and spirit,

  • The function and  flow of Qi,

  •  Anatomy as it relates to treatment

  • Physiology,

  • Acu point locations and combinations for specific treatment

  • and so much more.., 

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Acu Ease Sessions

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(Reduce stress and pain with these recorded video sessions, You can use them over and over again for your benefit and improved health! 

 These include information about a specific health issue and provides a combination of acupressure points, their locations via video so you know exactly where each point is located and how to stimulate each point and tells about how each point connectes with the other and how they work to ease your stress and pain. Feel better with these 40 minute video sessions and learn how to treat yourself naturally. 


An initial health Assessment or coaching session is recommended,(but not necessary) as a followup to assure you are doing iyour treatment  right.along with other essential recommendations for overall health and in treating the body as a whole. recommended for individualization of treatment.
These sessions are added to often, so be sure to check back if you dont see what you are looking for. 


  • Knee Pain

  • arthritis of the wrist

  • arthritis of the fingers and hands

  • neck pain

  • headaches and migraines

  • carpel tunnel pain

  • stress

  • night sweats

  • lactation(get the milk flowing)

  • Insomnia

  • sore throat

  • saliva flow/Dry Mouth

  • heart palpitations

  • coughing 

  • asthma

  • nausea and vomiting

  • hicupps

  • boated abdomen

  • indegestion

  • hypertension

  • constipation

  • muscle spasms of the bladder

  • general body weakness/Fatigue

  • diarrhea

  • excessive sweating

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you can use over and over again.

Acu Reiki Sessions

Another way to ease your stress and pain via special video sessions.

Experience this energetic flow, by utilizing this 1 Hour session,

a guided meditation through specific acupuncture points  and the acupuncture meridians to bring about healing, raising of consciousness.

Melanie Imbues each video session with reiki into acupuncture point locations on your body for a particular health issue.or general well being both.

Ease stress and create energetic flow through the body. In the video, you will also learn where each point is located that is being activated and you can listen to this session over and over again.

The  initial process begins at the time of scheduling your session. Melanie then calls upon the angels and universal source to connect and initiate the process for your highest good.

Melanie worked privately with her spiritual master back in early 2000s which opened her developed her consciouisness and healing gifts. her teacher was an enlightened spiritual teacher, grand reiki master, and Hawaiian Kahuna priest. 

Melanie learned how to  initiate the energetic flow and perceive imbalances within the human body and heal it both from a distance and in person.

We are interconnected spirituall beings having a human experience. We are of physical, mental, emothional, and spiritual and each part of us are connectied through our qi(the energetic flow of the body through our organs and tissues.

For this reason, healing can happen on any or all of these levels.

It  can also help to open up states of consciousness during the healing process to allow a complete healing to take place.


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you can use over and over again.

Joyful Alignment Sessions

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These are master guided meditation practices taught to me by my spiritual teacher. These will expand and raise consciousness, helping you to deal with and let go of negative learned mind patterns that we can develop through our experiences which prevent us from living a live of ease. Learn to let go with these wonderful meditation practices. You can utilize each practice over and over again. it is recommended you start in the sequence mentioned in the sessions. 

More sessions added weekly as they are being transposed from letters of my teacher. My teacher Jean Marc, completed his transition back in 2012. This is my way to preserve his teachings and pass them on others to benefit. 

Gift #1 Twin Flame Attraction

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