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Helping Healing Hands

       There are many people who cannot afford medical or alternative healthcare due to disabilities, life circumstances, and financial hardships. 
I am doing what I can to treat those in need, providing discounts and free treatments, while still maintaining a business and a small living. 
       It takes a lot of run a business, from supplies, gas,car maintenance and upkeep, advertising, marketing, upkeep of scheduling, books, high taxes for independant contracting, running websites and online presence, to renting of booths, and establishments,rooms, to the licensing, continuing education courses, insurance and recertifications required for my profession. This doesnt even include my time since I do it all myself right now. 
       Wont you please consider donating to help me keep going and offering more natural integrative healthcare to those in need? 

Thank you,

Melanie Myers -
Licensed Acupuncturist, Diplomate of Acupunture and Ordained Healing Minister since 2003


Please specify, 'Helping Healing Hands'

Thank you!

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