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Services Provided

40 yrs in the healthcare field, 17 as a Licensed Acupuncturist in private practice, Bachleors Degree in Health Sciences, Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine, Diplomate of Acupuncture by the NCCAOM Board, Certifications in treating sinusitus, headaches, Infertility, and thousands of hours treating patients for pain, migraines, allergies, infertility, cancer care,(chemo and rad side effects), arthritis, all knee,leg,ankle,foot,back, neck, disc,spine, shoulder, arm, elbow,wrist, hand, finger orthopedic problems and disease processes. All through a natural, non-invasive approach with acupuncture, nutrition, supplements,diet, exercise,gentle yet effetive lifestyle changes and other natural treatment therapies.

Let''s discuss any health issues you may have and to see if one of my services are right for you. 

Your First Visit

Initial Treatment Visit

Your first visit includes an evaluation, exam and treatment plan with a gentle yet effective treatment of one or several related health conditions with acupuncture or other therapy or combination listed.


Initial Complex Treatment Visit

For 2 or more health problems , this visit includes

Evaluation of health, medications, supplements, diet and lifestyle, physical exam,, traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, where applicable, and diagnosis of any pre-disease conditions found, treatment plan, with diet, lifestyle, herbal or vitamin supplement suggestions in a protocol in a pdf format so you can print it and save to utilize daily. (Your treatment plan is discussed same day, and will be sent via email usually within 2 days). Treatment is also included in this 2 hour visit. Choose this initial visit if you have multiple health issues., .


Initial Complex Infertility Visit

A 2 hour Session (in-home) in which we will review and evaluate your medical and fertility history.

Whether you choose to use IVF/IUI or not, we will map an individualized plan together to incorporate all treatment, appointments and concerns.

I will provide you with my extensive Fertility Program Guide, which includes information on your Treatment, Nutrition, Diet, Herbal and Natural Supplementation, Exercise and Lifestyle Activities for Optimal Fertility. If you have any questions that haven't yet been answered, please call. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you for your appointment.

Beauty and Weightloss

Initial Natural Beauty Treatment Visits

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Energy Work

Joyful Alighnment Sessions

Get Your Qi On!

Specialized Type Massage Technique

Tui Na Visits

TuiNa – Highly Skilled Asian Medical Massage-like technique with Reflexology. This session is flexible and can be geared toward a specific area that is in pain or used for stress and muscle strain. Choose from 1, 1.5 and 2 Hour Sessions.

Continued Care with Treatment Plan

Follow-up Visits

Its very important that you continue with treatment plan and schedule your continued visits to assure improved health and beauty. There is no one visit fixes with natural health, Yet is can be so effective as to help where many other types of treatments will. Please do not base  yhthe effectiveness of treatment after only one visit. Everyone responds differently and you may or may not get results on first visit. Treatment plan and continued Visits are vital if you want to get well.  


8 Treatments Discount Package

15% off package on

continued trreatments with an easy 2-3 payment plan. 

You may purchase multiple for Maintanence Treatmnts.

You will first need to schedule one of the above initial visits.

Offering Sliding Scale Payments

Sliding Scale For Treatments

Depending on your financial need, I offer least expensive visits possible so that you can continue treatment. Must show proof of Financial need. You will first need to schedule one of the above initial visits.


Natural Healthcare Services are available for the Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Ashland, Richmond and most Central Virginia Locations. 

We are centered within Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg so depending on the location we will be at during a specific day, does decide which days we are available to visit your area. There is more flexability when more local within 30 minutes of the area. When scheduling online, please keep this in mind. We will call to confirm.

What type of payment do you accept?

Cash, Local Check, and once online merchant account is running;

credit and debit cards.

Do You Accept Insurance ?

Many insurance companies now accept acupuncture. If yours does, this is how I do it:

In order for me to be able to provide services that are remote and mobile, I provide what is called a superbill receipt. You will make your normal payment at time of visit like you would a copay to another specialist. Then, you submit the detailed receipt like with a Health savings, or flex spending account, to get reimbursed for your payments. 

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