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1 on 1 Health Assessment, Consultation and Treatment


What to Expect:


In your consultation you will get a thorough assessment of your present health condition using the traditional tools of pulse, tongue, palpation and facial diagnosis using 8 principle technique through evaluating your medical history and health conditions, what you are presently doing to improve your health and what supplements and medicines you are taking. This evauation will help us create a “map” of your present and past health challenges and provide you with a solid foundation and profound insights into your ideal physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellbeing.

You will quickly notice that, with the reading of Oriental medicine tools, your symptoms fall into significant “clusters” that can be very empowering once we know how to read them.


You will leave with specific, practical protocols and recommendations as well as a better understanding of your “body map”.

Some of our tools will include:


Dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

External remedies, oils, compresses, colonics, enemas, massage, yoga stretches and physical or structural exercises.

Herbs, supplements and formulas for prevention, healing and seasonal maintenance of health

Recommendation of specific acupressure points, herbal formula prescriptions, self-massage techniques, and guided meditations.

Auricular ear acupuncture for addiction release

Practices to best support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey

This is a 60 minute consultation by phone 

Once you purchase, fill out the Health Assessment Form, you can schedule your full hour with the Acupuncturist.

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