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Why choose us?

Benefits of working with Melanie:

  • Relieve stress, illness, pain, fatigue, strengthen Immune system

  • Saves you Time,Money,Gas,Stress

  • Exam

  • Treatment plan

  • 8 Principle Diagnosis

  • Free Qi Healing on first visit (similar to Reiki)

  • 1 and 2 hr treatments

  • With my service, I come to you! (Mobile) - Travel to you and offer Online Health Assessments, Prescriptions, Healthcare Treatments, Consults, E-courses for education and Teaching/Coaching sessions on Alternative Healthcare, learning how to improve you and your families health

  • 20 Years Treating patients with Natural healthcare, and 48 years working with natures medicine.

  • Provides discount packages, group sessions where applicable        

  • Complimentary 15 minute phone consult available to discuss any

  • health concerns or questions you may have and what services are best for you.

Whole Healthcare: Mind,Body,& Spirt

What  I Treat

Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief

Reduce or illiminate Seasonal, ragweed, pollen, dust, mold, pets, food allergies and sensitivities,, chemicals, and more with acupuncture and natural treatments. Melanie successfully treats these conditions, helping patients to minimize and get totally off medications with their side effects. Follow blog to learn more.

Prevenative Healthcare

Natural Health Maintenance & 

Beauty Care


1. Prevenative healthcare can be accomplished with regular Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Cupping and Tuina Monthly.

Stop health conditions from getting worse or prevent disease before it starts! 

2, Prevent signs of aging by Monthly treatments that Enhance your natural beautfy and helps you maintain your routhful appearance. Why Show your age? 

These are non-invasive treatments such as facial rejuvaenation aupuncture.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Stop or reduce significantly

pain of all types and other unwanted symptoms with acupuncture. From migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel, degenerative spine disease, to injuries, Natural healthcare methods can significantly improve the quality of a persons life. Heal and get out of pain now! 

Follow blog to learn more

Natural Help with Infertility

Infertility &

IVF Support

Whether you go at it naturally or decide on medical fertlity treatment, Acupuncture substantially increases sucess rate of fertility. Learn more on how you can increase your chances of becoming pregnance and sustaining pregnancy with gentle acupuncture treatment and prevention of miscarriage as well as minimizing unwanted pregnancy symptoms and induction of labor if needed. Melanie is completed certification and has experience in treatment of  gynocological and inferitliy conditions both in male and females.

Cancer Symptoms Support

Cancer Support

Acupuncture has proven effective for stress, pain management, insomnia, neuropathy, hot flashes, and immune support, for patients managing their cancer diagnosis. Melanie also provides acupuncture, cupping, tui na, and dietary/nutritonal recommendations as part of treatment to improve nutriton and support your health.before, during and after standard treatment.

Stress and Chronic Illness

Dealing with Stress and Chronic Illness

Melanie works with people to reduce  health complications of stress and long term illness or disease.

Melanie's natural healthcare treatments improve quality of life and reduce or eliminate pain and other unwanted miserable symptoms.  




  • Certification in Gynocology from Giovanni Macciacia/ 2009

  • ABORM Certification in the Treatment of Infertility 2011

  • Certification in Cosmetic Acupuncture 2004

  • Certification in Treatment of Back Pain 2015, 2019

  • Certification in Treatment of Sinusitis 2015

  • Certification in Treatment of Heel Pain and Spurs 2015, 2019

  • Certification in Treatment of Migraine Pain 2019

  • Certification in Treatment with 5-elements Acupuncture

  • Certification in Treatment of Knee Pain 2019

  • Certififaiton in Treatment of Neck Pain 2019

  • Certification in Advanced Face Tone Diagnosis

  • CPR Certification since 2000

  • Certifiation in Clean Needle Technique 2001

Melanie is a Specialist in her field of healthcare. She has 20  years experience treating patients and 48 years in herbal and nutritonal supplementation. 

She has a bachleors degree in Health sciences(such as A&P, Radiology,Pathology, Etiology, Biology, Microbiology, reading lab work, pharmacology, drug/herb internactions, case studies, lots of research.

She has a Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine. This means she studies, various types of acupuncture from korean, TCM, 5 element, esoteric,head and scalp, hand and foot and cosmetic acupuncture, reflexology, acupressure, tui na massage, injection therapy, guisha, plum blossum needle, surround the dragon, herbal fomrulations, and clinic working with patients. 

A graduate from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine.

She has certifictions in cosmetic acupuncture, headache relief, and infertility. 

She passed her national boards form the NCCAOM and is a Diplomate in acupuncture in 2003. 

She is licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine for Practicing Acupuncture

and was formally licensed in Arizona and Hawaii. 

Melanie has been in private practice in Virginia since 2006. 

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