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     With concern over the corona virus,

I continue to make patient health and safety a priority. 

by continuing safety precautions


mask wearing


as well as practicing personal social distancing which means no hugs, or hand shaking at this point.

and no exposure to groups of people and instead going through drive thru s, pick ups, and distancing even from family members and friends.

. I am also providing Virtual online help with treatment for patients via easy online scheduling. See Below for Services via Phone or Zoom.

Why choose us?

Benefits of working with Melanie:

  • Relieve stress, illness, pain, fatigue, strengthen Immune system

  • Saves you Time,Money,Gas,Stress

  • Exam

  • Treatment plan with 8 Principle Diagnosis

  • Melanie is a born natural and trained healer, psychic and Clairvoyant. She offers Readings from scanning of your Energetic Fields, clears, balances and aligns auric and chakra centers, She works through the Akashic with the higher spiritual frequencies that bring positive healing effects on the emotions, mind, and body levels.

  • 1 and 2 hr sessions

  • I come to you locally and you can utilize my virtual services, including natural health consults and assessment and what would be your best solution for natural health treatment, (online natural health consultation with at home treatment ), prescriptions for herbal health formulas.

  • 20 Years Treating patients with Natural healthcare, and 48 years working thru spiritual healing and herbal medicine.      

  • Complimentary 15 minute phone consult available to discuss any health concerns or questions you may have and what services are best for you.

About Melanie




Extra Education:

CEU Certificates of Completion:

  • Gynocology from Giovanni Macciacia/ 2009

  • Treatment of Infertility-Complete Course 2011, Pro D Seminars

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture 2004

  • Treatment of Back Pain 2015, 2019

  • Treatment of Sinusitis 2015

  • Treatment of Heel Pain and Spurs 2015, 2019

  • Treatment of Migraine Pain 2019

  • Treatment with 5-elements Acupuncture

  • Treatment of Knee Pain 2019

  • Treatment of Neck Pain 2019

  • Advanced Face Tone Diagnosis

  • CPR Certification since 2000

  • Clean Needle Technique 2001

Melanie is a Specialist in her field of healthcare. She has 20  years experience treating patients and 48 years in the study and practice of herbal medicine, energetic healing and  and a born clairavoyant. 

She has a bachleors degree in Health sciences(such as A&P, Radiology,Pathology, Etiology, Biology, Microbiology, reading lab work, pharmacology, drug/herb interactions, case studies, lots of research.

She has a Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine. This means she studies, various types of acupuncture from Korean, TCM, 5 element, esoteric,head and scalp, hand and foot and cosmetic acupuncture, reflexology, acupressure, tui na massage, injection therapy, guasha, plum blossom needle, surround the dragon, herbal formulations, and clinic working with patients. 

A graduate from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine.

She has CEU Certificates in cosmetic acupuncture, headache relief, and infertility. 

10 years Spiritual/Energy Healing training out of Hawaii, Kailoa Kona, by an enlightened Kahuna and Grand Reiki Master

Doctorate in Metaphysics

She passed her national boards from the NCCAOM and is a Diplomate of Acupuncture in 2003. 

She is licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine for Practicing Acupuncture

and was formally licensed to practice in Arizona and Hawaii 2003 

and currently in private practice in Virginia since 2006. 

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Initial Treatment Plan and Treatment Visit

Your first 1.5 to 2 Hr visit depending on how many health conditions we are evaluating for treatment.

Session includes

an evaluation of Health Condition, medications ,supplements, diet and lifestyle,

a physical exam.

treatment plan ,

with a gentle yet effective treatment of your choice of Acupuncture, Auricular Ear Therapy, or Acupressure, GuaSha, TuiNa or Qi Session.

I do make suggestions which is best type of treatment for you then you decide which you prefer. 

Schedule online or call for a free consult prior and to see if I can work you in earlier than online scheduling permits.


Your first visit is a  2 hour Session in which we will review and evaluate your medical and fertility history, 

Treatment plan

and an Acupuncture Treatment.

Whether you choose to use IVF/IUI or not, we will map an individualized plan together to incorporate all treatment, appointments and concerns.

I will also provide you with my

extensive Fertility Program Guide, which includes information on your Treatment, Nutrition, Diet, Herbal and Natural Supplementation, Exercise and Lifestyle Activities for Optimal Fertility along with your

Acupuncture Session.


Schedule online or call for a free consult prior and to see if I can work you in earlier than online scheduling permits. 

Initial Comprehensive Infertility Session

Initial Acupuncture With

Add-on Session/2 Hr

Your first 2 Hr visit includes 

an evaluation of Health Condition, medications,supplements, diet and lifestyle,

Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis

diagnosis of any predisease conditions found

where applicable. 

a physical exam.

treatment plan ,

where applicable, diet, lifestyle, herbal or vitamin supplement and exercise suggestions

and a gentle yet effective treatment of Acupuncture, Auricular Ear Therapy, or Acupressure. 

Add-on Services : you can add the following

30 minutes of these services to your session: 

* Tui Na

* Guasha

* Energy Clearing and Healing

* Glass Cupping-(available only on preapproved session/currently not available unless specified by Melanie.)

 Choose this if you have one health condition but would like to combine one of these treatments with Acupuncture.

Schedule online or call for a free consult prior and to see if I can work you in earlier than online scheduling permits.

TuiNa Session/1.5 Hr

TuiNa – Highly Skilled Asian Medical Massage-like technique with Reflexology and acupressure. This session is flexible and can be geared toward a specific area that is in pain or used for stress and muscle strain. 

Your first 1.5 Hr visit includes an evaluation of Health Condition, medications, supplements, diet and lifestyle,

Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis

diagnosis of any predisease conditions found

where applicable. 

a physical exam.

treatment plan ,

where applicable, diet, lifestyle, herbal or vitamin supplement and exercise suggestions


The Psychic Health & Healing Session/In-Person / 2 Hrs

Psychic Health and Healing Session: Melanie connects with your Energy and Soul Essence, and calls in your guides and healing angels so that you will receive messages that spirit needs you to hear, she describes psychic impressions given,






describing their meaning and facilitates clearing healing session that calms, grounds and balances.
Melanie works with the life-force energy/qi in and around you. This includes the chakra centers and acupuncture points to remove unwanted stuck energy to bring healing balance to the whole body! Benefits may include: more energy sense of wellbeing feeling revitalized well rested relaxed and at-ease, improve health positive life change
This session also removes blocks of energy that encourage growth and development of spiritual gifts, embracing more self-love through body awareness and added protection. Basically, it helps you to be a more well rounded, healthy person in all areas of life.

Acupuncture Follow-up Session

/ 1 Hr

This is a one hour Acupuncture session for continued visits. 

Choose this session if you have recently had an Initial Acupuncture Session with a treatment plan for the specific condition you want treated.



ts very important that you continue with treatment plan and schedule your continued visits. This will assure improved health, improved quality of life as one session builds upon the other to have a lasting effect. There is no one visit fix with natural health or any other form of healing, Yet Acupuncture can be so effective as to help where many other types of treatments wont. While some people only need one treatment, most need a succession of treatment. Everyone responds differently and you may or may not get results on first visit. Treatment plan and continued Visits are vital if you want to get well. Schedule follow-up visits online or call us. 

Virtual Service below
By Phone or Zoom
Comprehensive Health Session
For correcting health Problems Naturally and Correcting imbalances
in your health regimen

Multiple health issues? Not sure about something concerning your health, medication, herbal or nutritional supplements, the diet you are on or want to try and wonder if it's right for you with your health conditions or what may be causing problems and have questions?

This is a 1 on 1 live Phone or Zoom Session that lasts up to 1 hour.

Melanie will evaluate your health issues, reviewing all medications and supplements and write prescriptions for changes in diet, Nutrition, herbal and other natural supplements and lifestyle changes.

Melanie recognizes patterns of disease processes through deficiencies, excesses and the imbalances not only in the physical body but also with your supplements, nutrition, diet, lifestyle habits. What may seem like a good habit may be hurting you.

Melanie then writes recommendations to correct these imbalances that can or are cause health issues.

This 1 Hour session is for reviewing, writing your recommendations and 1 on 1 live via phone or zoom with Melanie as she evaluates and clarifies information for accuracy and emails your prescriptions for natural wellness.

Please allow up to 1 Hour for phone or zoom time. usually the one on one is about 40 minutes.

Note: any supplements or herbs suggested are not sold by this practice but is uniquely formulated and prescribed by Melanie. The dispensary uses strict safety standards, and come in individualized dosage packets both for your safety and this was there is also less handling.

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